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Festival Foods

Kitchen Basics Cooking Stock Vegetable Unsalted

  •  Kitchen Basics Cooking Stock Vegetable Unsalted

  • Description: Country of Origin: UNITED STATES OF AMERICA

    Ingredients: Vegetable Stock (Carrot, Mushroom, Tomato, Onion, Celery, and Red Bell Pepper), Natural Flavor, and Spice, and Herbs (Bay Leaf, Thyme, Black Pepper).

    Directions: Shake before use. Refrigerate unused portion. Good for 7 days. Ready to use. Do not dilute. Refrigerate after opening and use within 7 days. Freeze leftover stock in freezable container or ice cube trays. Store frozen stock cubes in a resealable plastic bag and use within 60 days. Recommended use by date on package. Helpful Usage Tips: Use in any recipe calling for broth, stock, bouillon or water. Moisten leftovers with stock before reheating in microwave. Grains & Lentils: Replace water with stock when preparing rice, barley, couscous, quinoa or lentils. Low Fat Cooking: Cook vegetables in a small amount of stock instead of oil or butter. Make mashed potatoes with stock instead of milk and butter. Sauces: Make richly flavored sauces for vegetarian pasta and casseroles with stock.

    Manufacturer: McCormick

    Product Size: 32 fz

    SKU/UPC: 00611443340211

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