Q.What is Upromise?
A. Upromise is a service that helps families earn extra money for education. The company was launched in April 2001 to help make a college education more attainable. It's a service that helps members jumpstart their college savings or pay down student loans by buying groceries at Festival, earning 1-25% back on qualified everyday spending when shopping online, eating out, purchasing travel or with other transactions.

Q. How do I register for Upromise?
A. It’s FREE and easy as 1-2-3.

  1. Enroll for FREE at www.Upromise.com
  2. Pick up your Festival Foods/Upromise key tag at our Service Counter and register it online.
  3. Activate offers at https://ecoupons.upromise.com/?sx=groc&ax=festival

Q.  How can you earn with Upromise?

Q.   How does the Upromise Grocery Program work?

1) When shopping at Festival Foods or any participating grocery or drug
store, you simply present your loyalty card at the checkout for the cashier to scan. It is not necessary to print out the eCoupons to bring to the store. eCoupons must be selected prior to checkout and your Upromise card must be scanned at the point of purchase to earn your savings.

2) Each month, visit the www.upromise.com site and select all the eCoupons you think you’ll use. All of your selections will be linked to your registered loyalty cards.

3) The savings will show up in your Upromise account automatically within a few weeks of your purchase.

Q. Where can I get more information?
A. Go to www.upromise.com